Hugo Ferradas
Design & Art Direction

Branding and Product

Brand identity for a new digital banking platform that guides you to achieve your goals.

The work we did with Neo encompasses Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Motion system, Tone of voice, and Product.

Inspired by the concept of "Wayfinding" we created a future-focused brand that encourages customers to find a better future and guide them to arrive there.

This idea balances a high-performance product experience with a creative expression based on pictograms integrated into our language.

Client — Wio

Role — Design Director

Company — R/GA

Having a gallery of more than 200 pictograms we needed to find a way to manage and organise them, so we developed a bespoke tool where you can look for a specific pictogram, just typing a word that might describe it. The system will suggest relevant pictograms. Select the one you want, choose the best colour and image format for you. Then download your file.

We also created a tool to add pictograms dynamically to your copy. Just type in your message and our intelligent system will suggest relevant pictograms. Choose the right one for you. Then copy and paste your new message or export an animated version of your line.